Community Participation in China: Issues and Processes for Capacity Building

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Community Participation in China: Issues and Processes for Capacity Building
Earthscan Publications Ltd.
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After more than a decade of participatory initiatives in development in China, this volume provides a source of information on the key issues, constraints and capacity building necessary to implement participatory approaches in China today.

The book outlines the institutional change necessary for participatory processes to be adopted and become meaningful in poor villages, and for project achievements to be taken up on a larger scale in rural China. The case studies are by principal Chinese academics and practitioners and cover forestry, natural resource management, rural development, irrigation and poverty alleviation.
Like Municipalities and Community Participation (2000) and Focusing Partnerships (2002), the book is about strengthening local government as a key player in the development of participatory initiatives. It will be invaluable for donors and development practitioners seeking to understand the opportunities and constraints for participation in China, for those academics and trainers involved in the capacity building process and for students of development in the unique context of China.

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