Complex Manifolds

Complex Manifolds
American Mathematical Society
Поступления - 2009 г. - Январь - Июль
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Красная Шапочка, Подарок феи, Мальчик-с-Пальчик, Кот в сапогах, Хохлик, Золушка, Спящая красавица, Ослиная кожа, Синяя Борода


This volume serves as an introduction to the Kodaira-Spencer theory of deformations of complex structures. Based on notes taken by James Morrow from lectures given by Kunihiko Kodaira at Stanford University in 1965-1966, the book gives the original proof of the Kodaira embedding theorem, showing that the restricted class of Kahler manifolds called Hodge manifolds is algebraic. Included are the semicontinuity theorems and the local completeness theorem of Kuranishi. Readers are assumed to know some algebraic topology. Complete references are given for the results that are used from elliptic partial differential equations. The book is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in abstract complex manifolds.

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