Computer Graphics for Java Programmers

Computer Graphics for Java Programmers
Addison Wesley
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Many great visual effects can be achieved in computer graphics for which a fundamental understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts ? and a knowledge of how they can be implemented in a particular programming language ? is essential. Computer Graphics for Java Programmers is a good place to start for those with a little experience of Java who wish to create and manipulate 2D and 3D graphical objects. Two-dimensional subjects discussed include logical coordinates, triangulation of polygons and both Bezier and B-spline curve fitting. There is also a chapter about transformations, culminating in a useful Java class for 3D rotations about an arbitrary axis. The perspective representation of 3D solid objects is discussed in detail, including efficient algorithms for hidden-face and hidden-line elimination. These and many other algorithms are accompanied by complete, ready-to-run Java programs which can be downloaded from the accompanying website. "Frank Gehry has...

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