Computer Simulated Experiments for Electric Circuits Using Electronics Workbench (2nd Edition)

Computer Simulated Experiments for Electric Circuits Using Electronics Workbench (2nd Edition)
Focal Press
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Using Electronic Workbench to simulate digital laboratory experiments, this unique and innovative lab manual features an interactive approach that requires readers to think about and to analyze the results of the experiments in more depth than is customary in other lab manuals. The experiments involve logic gates and combinational logic circuits, arithmetic logic circuits, medium scale integrated (MSI) circuits, sequential logic circuits, andcircuits that interface the digital world with the analog world for the acquisition of data ? as well as troubleshooting problems for each major area. The experiments include Materials Lists and Circuit Diagrams so that they may be done either with computer simulations or in a hardwired laboratory. Accompanying disks provide all of the troubleshooting circuits and all of the digital circuits needed to perform the experiments in Electronic Workbench. ...

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