Core JavaServer(TM) Faces

Core JavaServer(TM) Faces
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JavaServer Faces (JSF) is quickly emerging as the leading solution for rapid user interface development in Java-based server-side applications. Now, Core JavaServera„? Faces –the #1 guide to JSF–has been thoroughly updated in this second edition, covering the latest feature enhancements, the powerful Ajax development techniques, and open source innovations that make JSF even more valuable. Authors David Geary and Cay Horstmann delve into all facets of JSF1.2 development, offering systematic best practices for building robust applications, minimizing handcoding, and maximizing productivity. Drawing on unsurpassed insider knowledge of the Java platform, they present solutions, hints, tips, and a€?how-tosa€? for writing superior JSF 1.2 productioncode, even if you’re new to JSF, JavaServer Pagesa„?, or servlets. The second edition’s extensive new coverage...

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