Crafting Labor Policy: Techniques and Lessons from Latin America (Economics)

Crafting Labor Policy: Techniques and Lessons from Latin America (Economics)
Cambridge University Press
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The aim of Crafting Labor Policy is to advance labor market reform--which has been referred to as the unfinished economic reform in Latin America--using estimation techniques to answer important labour policy questions in a quantitative manner. The contributors--leading labor economists in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile--examine key labor policy issues that faced these three countries during the 1990s. An introductory chapter provides the broader context by summarizing labor reforms in Latin America since the late 1980s. The authors approach each country from a different perspective, focusing on labor supply and demand in Argentina, public and private employment in Brazil, and earnings and employment in Chile. Crafting Labor Policy, based on work sponsoredas the basis for the labor policy debate. With its readable blend of nontechnical introductory and concluding chapters, somewhat more detailed country chapters, and technical annexes, the book should be of interest to policy-makers,...

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