Crash Course in Managing People (Crash Course Series)

Crash Course in Managing People (Crash Course Series)
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The "Crash Course in Managing People" is an easy way to improve your managerial skills fast, but it is far from a dry traditional course. As the authors say, "be prepared to learn, but also be prepared to have fun." After an exploration of the key elements that make for effective management, the course itself consists of a program of 150 exercises and techniques to help you develop your managerial skills. Targeted reading ensures that the practical exercises are backed up with expert knowledge. This dynamic personal development program is split into 30 units, each designed to be completed in your spare time in one week. Alternatively, if you are under great pressure to get results, a whole unit can be completed within a day. The final section provides a refresher course that pulls together key learning points, ideas for further reading, and detailed tables that will help you to select the right techniques to use in specific situations. Includes URL link to dedicated...

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