Crescent City Rhapsody

Crescent City Rhapsody
Писатели G - Z
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Crescent City Rhapsody


It begins with silence. An electromagnetic pulse high in the atmosphere triggers a communication blackout, computers fail the world over. And in that moment of anachronistic quiet an astronomer makes the discovery of a lifetime. The pulse came from space.And it carried a message… It begins with murder. In New Orleans, mob boss Marie Laveau - a descendant of a famous voodoo priestess - is gunned down. But her vast wealth ensures her resurrection. Reborn by means of nanotechnology, Marie searches forrevenge and finds a conspiracy linked to the mysterious event now known as the Silence. It is a Silence that will happen again and which will throw the earth into chaos and a nightmare new world order. Nanotechnology has saved Marie, now it can save the human race or destroy it…

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