Crime and Punishment (Illustrated Classics): A Graphic Novel

Crime and Punishment (Illustrated Classics): A Graphic Novel
Brighter Child
Fyodor Dostoevsky
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(Не)хорошая девочка Машка. Хроника преступления, Мой сынок, Ест Оля инвалидов, Отложив костыли...


“And, in the dark, a thought came to me that no one had ever had before me: I wanted to kill someone, just in order to dare.” This graphic adaptation of Crime and Punishment masterfully illuminates Dostoevsky’s psychological thriller. Acclaimed French artist Alain Korkos vividly brings to life the mental anguish and moral dilemmas that plague Raskolnikov, a poor St. Petersburg student who murders a miserly pawnbroker. In this classic of Russian literature, the hero, unable to quell his guilt and paranoia, falls from a self-styled “super human” to a tormented soul in search of redemption. Both a philosophical inquiry and searing social critique, this suspense-driven drama remains as widely popular today as ever. - Classic works of literature that still have mass appeal today - Dark and edgy stories that appeal to graphic novel readers - Artwork by well-known and highly acclaimed comic book and graphic novel artists - Adaptations that re-imagine the stories, bringing them to life for...

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