Cross Platforms Display Calibration and Profiling

Cross Platforms Display Calibration and Profiling
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The monitor is an important part in many digital applications, including graphic design, digital photography and prepress proofing. In fact, designers and prepress personnel rely on their monitors for good color decisions for printed jobs. Therefore, it is important to have an accurate monitor setting for accurate color display. Technically the color display of the monitor depends on the correlation between monitor and the platform it’s on and the type of video card available. This book presents a new approach to achieve a consistent color across platform using the same hardware (CPU, monitor video controller, etc.). It also describes the main issue that affects the accuracy of monitor profiles. Different monitor profiles werebuilt using different profiling software. A program code was used to customize new profiles based on the data that were generated from the previous set of monitor profiles. The customized profiles were then tested and evaluated across platforms. This work will...

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