Cultural Change and Ordinary Life

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Cultural Change and Ordinary Life
Open University Press
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How important are the media? How is culture changing? How is ordinary life being transformed? How do we belong? This ground-breaking book offers a new approach to the understanding of everyday life, the media and cultural change. It explores the social pattern of ordinary life in the context of recent theories and accounts of social and cultural change. Brian Longhurst argues that our social and cultural lives are becoming increasingly audienced and performed and that activities in everyday life are changing due to the ever-growing importance and salience of the media. These changes involve people forging new ways of belonging, where among other things they seek to distinguish themselves from others. In 'Cultural Change and Ordinary Life', Longhurst evaluates changes in the media and ordinary life in the context of large-scale cultural change, especially with respect to globalization and hybridisation, fragmentation, spectacle and performance, and enthusing or fan-like activities. He makes the case that analysis of the media has to be brought into a more thorough dialogue with other forms of research that have looked at social processes. 'Cultural Change and Ordinary Life' is key reading for students and researchers of sociology, media studies, cultural studies, and mass communication.

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