Cutting Edge Java Game Programming

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Cutting Edge Java Game Programming
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* Cutting-Edge Java Game Programming teaches readers to use Java to create multi-player World Wide Web games, and how to create several different types of games for the World Wide Web, including action games with realistic movement and collision detection.Games are the next killer app for the Internet and Cutting-Edge Java Game Programming shows you how to write them.Packed with advanced Java programming, it clearly and concisely presents all you need to excel in this entertainment revolution. Included are two free complete game development frameworks: one for single-player games and one for multiplayer networked games.Using these frameworks, you can rapidly develop exciting, high-quality games.You design the games; the frameworks handle the details and deliver top-notch performance.From card games and board games to fast-paced action games, this book shows you how to make your game ideas a reality on the Web.* Teaches you how to write incredible multiuser games for the Internet using the Java programming language.* Lists the best Internet resources for game players and programmers.* Includes arcade-style game creation tips: game loops, sprites, collision detection, and realistic movement.* Details over 10,000 lines of highly optimized, reusable code.* Useful shareware and freeware tools, such as ray tracers and sound editors* The complete source code for both the GameWorks and GLE frameworks, and all the games developed for this book using them* Royalty-free source code, Java game development tools, real Java games, and more!"

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