Deep Tissue Massage, Revised: A Visual Guide to Techniques

Deep Tissue Massage, Revised: A Visual Guide to Techniques
North Atlantic Books
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Featuring more than 250 photographs and 50 anatomical drawings, Deep Tissue Massage is the standard guide to the essentials of touch, biomechanics, and positioning options for a multitude of strategies to treat all major conditions encountered in a bodywork practice. The book is divided into three sections. "Fundamentals" covers basic skills of palpation, explaining the deeper layers of the body and presenting detailed instruction on working with these layers to release tension. This section gives clear information on the proper use of knuckles, fist, forearms, and elbows in preventing injury to the therapist. "Strategies" offers more precise protocols and treatment plans for the entire body with emphasis on client positioning options to stretch muscles rather than just kneading tissues. "Caveats" details areas in which the practitioner needs to exercise caution. "Deep Tissue Massage" presents a wealth of information in a way the therapist can immediately utilize. This...

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