Denatured Visions: Landscape and Culture in the Twentieth Century

Denatured Visions: Landscape and Culture in the Twentieth Century
Vendome Press
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Доброй ночи, Спать ложатся дети, Спи, мой милый, Спи, баю-бай


Book DescriptionBack in Print Is modernism fundamentally hostile to nature? How have the radical transformations of the 19th and 20th centuries affected our attitude toward nature and impacted the landscape, as seen in the relationship of modern building to the land, and in the parks and gardens of this past century? Proceeding from the premise that how we shape our physical environment is a fundamental reflection of our culture, this compendium of essays on landscape in the 20th century evolved from a symposium of distinguished historians, scholars, architects, landscape architects, and artists organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1988. Presented in a historical perspective, the discussion focuses on the problems and solutions of the 20th century and addresses the issues that carry over into the 21st. Architectects Include: Galen Cranz, Vincent Scully, Robert Rosenblum, Leo Marx, Caroline Constant, Stephen Krog, John Beardsley, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, Kenneth...

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