Design of Shielded Enclosures

Design of Shielded Enclosures
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The author provides a full-range of cost options on how to prevent EMI: from inexpensive enclosures that are adequate for many situations to the most advanced shielding techniques used in scientific applications. This unique book will show the reader howto select the most suitable technique for the application: something that will do the job, yet avoid expensive and time-consuming "overkill." Design of Shielded Enclosures provides a variety of practical techniques that will reveal how well an enclosure is working without a lot of expensive and time-consuming tests. This book will also show how to determine when detailed testing is necessary. *Get quick, effective, and economical solutions to pressing engineering problems that are halting delivery, stopping production and costing money. *Learn the best tricks of the trade from a certified EMI professional with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about practical applications *Discover important testing and...

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