Developing SVG-based Web Applications

Developing SVG-based Web Applications
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


How do you design personalized user experiences that delight and provide value to the customers of an eCommerce site? Personalization does not guarantee high quality user experience: a personalized user experience has the best chance of success if it is developed using a set of best practices in HCI. In this book 35 experts from academia, industry and government focus on issues in the design of personalized web sites. The topics range from the design and evaluation of user interfaces and tools to information architecture and computer programming related to commercial web sites. The book covers four main areas: + Theoretical, Conceptual, and Architectural Frameworks of Personalization, + Research on the Design and Evaluation of Personalized User Experiences in Different Domains, + Approaches to personalization Through Recommender Systems, + Lessons Learned and Future Research Questions. This book will be a valuable tool in helping the reader to understand the range of...

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