Digital Forensics: Digital Evidence in Criminal Investigations

Digital Forensics: Digital Evidence in Criminal Investigations
Новые поступления - 2009 год
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The vast majority of modern criminal investigations involve some element of digital evidence, from mobile phones, computers, CCTV and other devices. Digital Forensics: Digital Evidence in Criminal Investigations provides the reader with a better understanding of how digital evidence complements “traditional” scientific evidence and examines how it can be used more effectively and efficiently in a range of investigations. Taking a new approach to the topic, this book presents digital evidence as an adjunct to other types of evidence and discusses how it can be deployed effectively in support of investigations. The book provides investigators/SSMs/other managers with sufficient contextual and technical information to be able to make more effective use of digital evidence sources in support of a range of investigations. In particular, it considers the roles played by digital devices in society and hence in criminal activities. From this, it examines the role and nature of...

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