Digital Photography Foundation Course (Foundation Course)

Digital Photography Foundation Course (Foundation Course)
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Everyone’s doing digital photography today, and here is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to doing it right! First, it takes a look at the current digital explosion; the difference between film and digital cameras; and how to choose a camera wisely. Beginners learn key camera terms, from ISO to megapixels, and how to take crowd-stopping photos. Then it’s on to the computer for lessons in Photoshop’s basic image-editing techniques for adjusting color, cropping, correcting red-eye, removing blemishes, and more—with tips on buying the right software. How to get the best results from printing, and how to make CDs, DVDs, and slide shows: it’s all here, fully illustrated with 200 photos. Plus, there are in-depth master classes and advanced techniques, including blurring, burning, and photomerge.

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