Digital Photography Problem Solver : The Top 101 Digital Photography Questions Answered

Digital Photography Problem Solver : The Top 101 Digital Photography Questions Answered
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Возникновение биосферы, Размерность пространства в микромире, Асимметрия и возникновение жизни, Динамическая нестабильность воды, Биогенная нефть, Дно океана, Феномен близнецов, Миграции индоевропейцев, Призвание варягов, Преодоление язычества, Страх, Три кризиса Розанова, Физика духа


Book DescriptionReal Time is a transdisciplinary issue. It is media art practice. The concept of Real Time enters our language because of the possibilities given to us by the (new) media?electronic communication and control. This anthology and DVD is one of the first collected presentations of the influence on and significance of real-time media in art. Some of the most influential Scandinavian artists and internationally renowned critics, historians and curators within the field of media artand new media art have been asked to contribute to this anthology. The result is a kaleidoscopic view on the relations between real-time and art from three different angles/subsections: REAL-TIME + ART + THEORY discusses the theoretical positions?current as well as historical?and their possible implications, seen from different perspectives. REAL-TIME + ART + PRACTICE gives subjective presentations by practitioners from the field of media art on real-time strategies...

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