Diplomatic Law: A Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic Law: A Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
Oxford University Press
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Книга 1, Деловая Европа. Правила путешественника, Книга 2, Деловая Азия. Правила путешественника, Книга 3, Деловая Латинская Америка. Правила путешественника


Diplomatic Law was first published in 1976. Written with the benefit of the authors deep and practical understanding of the subject as a Legal Counsellor in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, it has become widely regarded as the leading work in the field. The enlarged and fully revised second edition is now available for the first time in paperback. Denza provides a commentary on the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the universally-accepted framework for diplomacy between sovereign States. The author places each provision of the Convention in its historical context. The negotiating background to the provisions is supplemented with a comprehensive commentary on the application of the Convention by the United Kingdom and the United States, together with expanded coverage of the diplomatic practice and jurisprudence of other States. The book also includes a thorough examination of topical problems in the field, including the abuse of diplomatic immunity, terrorist...

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