Dotcons: Con Games, Fraud & Deceit on the Internet

Dotcons: Con Games, Fraud & Deceit on the Internet
Auerbach Publications
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The rapid evolution of e-commerce on the Internet has outpaced our laws to regulate it. Internet sites are setting up off-shore, out of the jurisdiction of the laws of civilized countries. Legitimate stocks are manipulated by e-traders, and Dotcom stocks with questionable business plans are fetching billions from eager investors. Illegitimate one-man shops are masquerading as established businesses, taking your credit card, and then disappearing into cyberspace with little or no chance of apprehension, while legitimate auction sites are being used by criminals to sell counterfeit and illegal property. Violation of your privacy has become the norm while doing business on the Internet, and Identity Theft happens so much that it is now a crime. Your credit card number and your social security number are being passed around like cookies, while monolithic data engines scan websites, chatrooms, bulletin boards and e-mail for your private financial data, choices,...

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