E-Business and ERP: Rapid Implementation and Project Planning

E-Business and ERP: Rapid Implementation and Project Planning
Harvard Business School Press
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Strategies for Cost-Effective E-Business ERP Implementation?in the Shortened Time Horizons of the Internet Age The need for seamless Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and e-business implementation is nothing new. What is new is the shorter time frames that now dominate the organizational landscape. Projects that used to take years to complete must now be up and running in a matter of months or even weeks. Moreover, they must be done successfully?the first time. E-Business and ERP is the first book to detail the many aspects of organizing an ERP or e-business project for rapid implementation. This comprehensive guidebook?produced by an experienced manager of rapid application implementation projects?explains how to: Rapidly implement systems that meet current requirements and are easily adaptable to encompass the next generation of technology Better understand and manage the risks associated with such projects ...

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