E–Business and ERP

E–Business and ERP
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Is Your Company Getting the Most from Its Investment in Change? Many companies have already invested heavily in infrastructure change, some are making that investment now, and all are contemplating the costs of becoming or evolving as an e–business. Is your company a "greenfield" organization with no back–end systems, or one whose infrastructure support systems are integrated across the enterprise? Are you just beginning to think about e–business capabilities, or are you on the leading edge of convergence? Whatever your company?s position on the ERP/E–Business Matrix, E–Business and ERP: Transforming the Enterprise provides the proven techniques you need to know to meld enterprise resource planning capabilities with the communications power of the Internet. Is Your Company Positioned for E–Business Success? The Internet has revolutionized twenty–first century business. Organizations today can communicate with customers, suppliers, and sellers at e–speed with...

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