Economics Alive!, Macroeconomics Principles and Applications

Economics Alive!, Macroeconomics Principles and Applications
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An instructional and applications multimedia supplement to the principles of economics course. Using a multimedia environment (delivered on CD-ROM), this product simulates the real world for the student. Its aim is to apply theory and phenomena that a student extracts from their text and course lecture. This CD has been developed to be used in conjunction with any textbook on the market as an application and simulation tool for the student or as an in-class presentation tool for the instructor. PC Equipment Requirements: RAM: 8MB; Processor: 486sx, 33mhz; Hard Drive: 160 MB; CD-ROM Drive: Double Speed or better; Sound Card: 16-bit digital sound; Video Display: 640x480 pixels, 256 colors; QuickTime for Windows (supplied on CD-ROM). Macintosh Equipment Requirements: Macintosh 68030 or better (or Power Mac); System 7.1 (or better); 8MB RAM or more; Double-speed CD-ROM Drive (or better); 13-inch monitor w/8-bit color (minimum); QuickTime 2.0 (or better) (supplied on CD-ROM).

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