Egypt: People - Gods - Pharaohs

Egypt: People - Gods - Pharaohs
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Белый шарик Матроса Вильсона, Лунная рыбка (Сказки о рыбаках и рыбках)


People have always built pyramid-shaped structures, examples in our own time being a hotel in Las Vegas and the glass entrance to a museum in Paris. However, apart from this ingenious building form, many other things conceived and developed in the kingdom of the pharaohs are still up-to-date today - the new pyramids are merely the most visible. Even now we still do not fully understand how these gigantic tombs commemorating the pharaohs were erected. What we do know, at least to a large extent, is how the people who built them lived, what pleased those early Egyptians, what excited them and what they believed about the world around them. Tomb pictures bring it all alive before our eyes, and accounts deciphered by Egyptologists of events such as the strike of the tombworkers tell us about everyday life, the administrative system and how disputes were settled. Little changed in the course of the 3,000 years of Ancient Egyptian history, at least in comparison to the last...

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