Electrical Circuit Analysis Using the TI-85 or TI-86

Electrical Circuit Analysis Using the TI-85 or TI-86
Thomson Delmar Learning
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This innovative book uses the hand-held programmable graphing calculator as both a calculating tool and a pedagogical tool to teach readers how to do classical circuit analysis and how to make mathematical models of electrical networks that can be programmed on the TI-85 or 86. Introduces a generic method that is compatible with any mathematical computer program. Emphasizes using the computer (specifically the programmable, hand-held graphing calculator TI-85 or 86) as an analysis tool. Tasks include solving for all currents or voltages in any AC or DC circuit of up to 20 nodes or loops; exploring frequency response curves; and performing sensitivity studies on the effects of individual resistor, capacitor, or inductor elements. Includes exercises that require complete computer programs for a variety of common circuits such as bridge circuits, delta-wye circuits, balanced and unbalanced three-phase networks, transistor equivalent circuits, transformer...

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