Electrical Power (Laboratory Manual)

Electrical Power (Laboratory Manual)
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics
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The Straight Truck Driver Handbook/Workbook and ancillaries provide a comprehensive, turn-key curriculum for preparing younger students for a career in the trucking industry. Trucks are the major mode of transporting goods in a constantly growing US economy and as a result, there is an ever-growing shortage of qualified truck drivers. On any given day of the week, the 1.4 million truck fleets in the US suffer from a shortage of 300,000 drivers and these companies are anxious to find good, qualified drivers to deliver their goods. This book not only prepares new drivers to fulfill these positions successfully, but the book and its ancillaries represent the first such curriculum of its nature offered in the US and Canada. This book is written in a 3rd - 6th grade reading level.

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