Elements of Molecular Spectroscopy

Elements of Molecular Spectroscopy
Поступления 2009 г. Наука. Разное
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KEY FEATURES:-Latest research on molecular spectroscopy-Solved problems included in every chapter-Author has 40 years teaching experience. ABOUT THE BOOK: Spectroscopy in this book has been made easier and attractive by adopting a non-mathematical pictorial path. The essential feature of this approach involves use of visual images at the molecular level. Further, to keep the reader involved, every chapter has a large number of solved problems. This approach brings molecular spectroscopy within the comprehension of the average reader. Application of molecular spectroscopy in determining molecular structure and the study of intermolecular interactions have also been discussed. A chapter on the applications of molecular spectroscopy has been prepared from the latest research work where molecular spectroscopy has been used as a tool to the research problems. This will give an idea as to how wide and divergent spectroscopy has its applications. Again, the approach intends to...

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