Elvis As We Knew Him: Our Shared Life in a Small Town in South Memphis

Elvis As We Knew Him: Our Shared Life in a Small Town in South Memphis
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Обольщение, Дорогая Марла, Плохая киска, Для тебя, Щедрый подарок лета, Капитан, можно?, Силовая игра, Секс-клуб "Опьянение" в Париже, Общаясь языками, Рэп на день рождения, Оставь сообщение, Его руки, Случай в ресторане, Золото, Химия, Неожиданная встреча, Подземка, Лихорадка, У всех на глазах, В дыму Кэмел Лайт, Диско-дрема, Дай мне блеска, Шестой уровень по кински, Настоящая причина, почему я ношу длинные волосы, Мокрая Гвен, Встреча за обедом, Поездка на поезде, Настоящие рыжие, Долгий путь домой, Внутри, Дерн, Отшлепай меня, Медовый месяц, Помощница фокусника, Костюм


You are invited to take a journey, along with the author, to her hometown in the American South, a unique culture of relative safety within a sheltered small town in the mid-twentieth century. You will discover a time when sorority girlswere virgins, baton twirlers mattered, and Elvis PresleyA?s hips were the wildest thing on the block. Against the backdrop of groundbreaking musical environments from Memphis, Tennessee to the Mississippi Delta, you will share stories that follow Elvis and his rise to fame through the eyes of his Graceland neighbors in the small suburb of Whitehaven. The authorA?s mother, a young girl who was as much a celebrity in this small town as Elvis, reveals never-before-shared photographs and stories that chronicle a town, an extraordinary man, and a time forever lost to history, each on the brink of explosion and change.

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