Embedded Java Security: Security for Mobile Devices

Embedded Java Security: Security for Mobile Devices
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Whereas Java brings functionality and versatility to the world of mobile devices, at the same time it also introduces new security threats. The rapid growth of the number of mobile devices that support Java makes this a pressing issue. Embedded Java Security carefully examines the security aspects of Java and offers a security evaluation for the Java platform.After explaining background material on the architecture of embedded platforms and relating to its role in security, the book deconstructs the security model into its main components: It explains each component and relates it to the aim of securing the applications and the device. Toward this end, several implementations of the Java platform are examined and tested to relate the model to its actual implementation on devices. The security holes found are further used to clarify security issues and point out common errors. Finally, the book provides an evaluation of embedded Java security that includes security models and security tests performed on real-life implementations.

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