Employment Law (Blackstone Legal Practice Course Guide)

Employment Law (Blackstone Legal Practice Course Guide)
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The 2007 edition of Employment Law has been written principally for students taking the elective module in employment law on the Legal Practice Course, and is suitable for those courses with either a corporate or private client bias. It offers a practical and comprehensive guide to the preventive measures that can be taken and the litigation problems most commonly presented to solicitors in this area of the law. Case study questions, as well as exercises, examples and flow diagrams throughout the book allow students to assess their understanding of the key issues. Key point summaries at the end of most chapters help students identify the most important topics covered. Employment Law has been fully revised and updated to cover all recent UK and European case law, statutory materials, and developments in practice. Online Resource Centre This edition also has an Online Resource Centre with freely accessible updates to statutory law. This allows the student to be fully informed of new...

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