Empty Promises

Empty Promises
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Foreword, Empty Promises, Bitter Lake, Young Love, Love and Insurance, The Gentler Sex, The Conjugal Visit, Killers on the Road, A Dangerous Mind, To Kill and Kill Again, The Stockholm Syndrome


In this unnerving collection drawn from her personal crime files, `America`s best true-crime writer` (Kirkus Reviews) Ann Rule brilliantly dissects the convoluted love affairs that all too often end in violence. Expertly analyzing a shocking, headline-making case, Rule unmasks the deadly motives inside a seemingly idyllic marriage: a beautiful young wife, a rising star in America`s top-ranked computer corporation, and a prosperous husband, the scion of a family building business. With an adorable son and a gorgeous home, the couple seemed to have it all. But a furtive evil permeated their days and nights, dragging them into a murky world of drugs, sordid sex, and con operations. In this realm, one of them would prove to be a virtual innocent, the other a manipulator with no conscience. Sudden, violent death brought their charade of a fairy-tale romance to a tragic end - with a brutal crime that might never have come to light were it not for the stubborn detectives and...

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