Essential Grammar in Use (+ CD-ROM)

Essential Grammar in Use (+ CD-ROM)
Cambridge University Press
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Essential Grammar in Use is a grammar reference and practice book for elementary learners. Modelled on Raymond Murphy`s highly successful intermediate level English Grammar in Use, it concentrates on areas of grammar normally taught at elementary level. Easy to use: on each left-hand page a grammar point is explained and on the facing page there are exercises to check understanding. Clear explanations: grammar for elementary learners is explained in simple language with many examples and attractive illustrations. Accessible: the clear contents list and index of grammatical items make it easy for learners to select the units they need to study. Additional exercises: these offer extra practice of grammar points from different units. Appendices: these useful references deal with tenses, irregular verbs, short forms, spelling and phrasal verbs. Self-study: the book can be used by learners working independently or as supplementary course material....

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