Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology: Expert Consult

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Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology: Expert Consult
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Evidence-Based Practice of Anesthesiology, 2nd Edition, by Lee A. Fleisher, MD, summarizes the best available evidence concerning the most common clinical questions that anesthesiologists face every day, so you will have an informed basis for making effective patient management decisions. This new edition covers 24 new topics and explores a full range of important issues in perioperative management-discussing the clinical options, examining the relevant research, and presenting expert recommendations. It features the latest information on clinical situations and reviews all clinical options based on the most recent clinical trials, providing a valuable framework for translating evidence into practice. As an Expert Consult title it includes convenient online access to the complete contents of the book-fully searchable-along with all of the images downloadable for your personal use, and references linked to Medline at www.expertconsult.com.Explores key topics such as preoperative...

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