Expanding the Frame

Expanding the Frame
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The use of photography in therapy has existed for many years and has been primarily used as an adjunct to verbal therapy or as a medium in Art Therapy. This paper explores the relationship between Drama Therapy and photographic based therapies. Different therapeutic self-portrait photography methodologies such as Photo Therapy, Therapeutic Photography, and Photodrama are examined in relation to certain principle Drama Therapy theories and methodologies. An emphasis is placed on Jones’ 9 core processes of Drama Therapy, Landy’s role method and theory, and Self-Revelatory Performance methodology whenanalyzing the connections between disciplines. This paper will illustrate the links between self-portrait photography and dramatic methodologies in therapy, and provide the Drama Therapist with an understanding of how self-portrait photography may work in conjunction with a Drama Therapy theoretical orientation. Also, a review of the legal and ethical aspects of using self-portrait...

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