Exploring MS Office PowerPoint 2007, Comprehensive

Exploring MS Office PowerPoint 2007, Comprehensive
Prentice Hall
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The Exploring series helps students master the How and Why of performing tasks in Office to gain a greater understanding of how to use the individual applications together to solve business problems. Exploring titles feature Perfect pages where every step of every hands-on exercise as well as every end-of-chapter problem begins on a new page and has its own screen shot to make it easier to follow. Each chapter contains Hands-on Exercises, Capstone Exercises, and Mini-Cases for practicing and reviewing skills acquired. Exploring Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Comprehensive, 1/e covers the following topics: introduction to PowerPoint; developing a presentation; inserting clip art and creating and using drawn objects; using objects (images, sound, and media clips); working with charts and graphs; customizing a slideshow; saving a web page and adding interactivity; collaborating with others. Ideal for students and individuals seeking a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint...

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