Factors Influencing Acculturative Stress among International Students

Factors Influencing Acculturative Stress among International Students
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This book reports the findings of a study conducted to determine the factors influencing acculturative stress among international students in the United States. The study explored how acculturative stressors, social support and stress are related. In addition, the study examined the significant socio-cultural and demographic predictors of acculturative stress. The major findings indicate that students who experience increased levels of difficulty with the acculturative stressors are more likely to experience higher levels of stress. In addition, students who report high levels of collective social support are more likely to display less impact of acculturative stressors on acculturative stress. However, the unique moderating influences of various types of social support (family, friends and important others) on the relationship between acculturative stressor and stress was not supported. These findings highlight the fundamental role of the student’s social context and also have...

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