Fete: The Wedding Experience

Fete: The Wedding Experience
Stewart, Tabori and Chang
Семья и брак
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Машина времени, Остров доктора Моро, Человек-невидимка, Замечательный случай с глазами Дэвидсона, Хрустальное яйцо, Человек, который мог творить чудеса, "Новейший ускоритель", Волшебная лавка


A fresh take on weddings for today’s modern couples Filled with practical tips to help anyone at any income level plan the wedding of their dreams Extraordinary weddings are the ones that bring the marrying couple’s vision to vivid life. Everyelement-—venue, music, food, decor—resonates with meaning, reflecting the pair’s own taste and style. Putting all those elements together in a way that ensures a magical time for the wedding party and all the guests entails much more than just ticking offthe boxes on a preset checklist. It requires introspection to discern the bride and groom’s true wishes—and it takes the impeccable orchestration of the total experience. By focusing on introspection and orchestration—and by enabling couples torealize their wedding-day fantasies, no matter where they live and no matter what their budget—Jung Lee and her company, Fete, have rocketed to the top of the wedding-planning industry. In Fete: The Wedding Experience, Lee shares her...

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