Fine French Wines

Fine French Wines
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Presented here are 220 extraordinary wines of three types: first the classic prestige wines generally from Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Champagne; regional wines produced on smaller vineyards that reflect the "new class" of French winemakers, and so-called "rebellious" wines produced by truly creative winemakers who explore the options in wine-making beyond the constraints of appellation regulations. These are vintages left out of the roundups of classic wines (even the annuals) from Robert Parker and Oz Clarke. Each of the 200 wines presented include a history of the vineyard and its owner; details on vine growing and wine-making techniques; suggestions for food and wine pairings; wine tasting pointers to ensure the richest sensual experience; reference guides to the best vintages and pricing. Each is illustrated by a full page photograph of the wine bottle and contact details on the winemaker.

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