Firefall Taken

Firefall Taken
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Firefall Taken


A cataclysmic dawn breaks over Firefall, the small Midwest town noted only for a giant water-filled pit where centuries ago a meteor crashed. Schoolteacher Maribeth Hamilton is sneaking home from a motel-room tryst before the neighbours spot her. Greg Henley is struggling stark naked from his girlfriend`s bedroom before her father cripples him with a shotgun. And sheriff`s deputy CM Entwistle is puzzling out why he`s just woken up in a dusty farm loft, with his hands tied behind his back. But,for all three, their troubles have just begun ... Earlier that morning a group of masked gunmen seized control of Firefall, demanding a 100-million-dollar ransom. Yet is this money their sole objective? And why doesn`t the government intervene? Whatever the hidden agendas on both sides, a sinister force is loose in Firefall... and its population is looking increasingly doomed. Particularly as control of time itself has become a pawn in this terrifying power game.

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