Flemish Tapestry

Flemish Tapestry
Thames and Hudson
Поступления - 2009 г. - Январь - Июль
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Профессиональный оборотень, Каникулы оборотней, Хроники оборотней


Flemish tapestry is one of the most luxurious and painstaking textile traditions in the world. At the height of their popularity, these sumptuous decorative panels were in overwhelming demand from wealthy and royal patrons for whom the tapestries represented the height of prestige. This is the first complete reference book to give an overview of Flemish tapestry history, from the 15th century to shortly before the French Revolution. Each chapter discusses different production centres and documents workshops, designers, patrons, iconography and use, providing comprehensive coverage of topics such as Italian designers, international trade, royal patronage and the influence of Rubens. A wealth of illustrations, reveals not only famous, but also little-known and previously unpublished tapestries. Traditionally, the tapestries were made in sets, and the illustrations include a number of complete sets, with many full-page in colour, and close-ups of the smallest details. A...

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