Folding in Architecture (Architectural Design Profile)

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Folding in Architecture (Architectural Design Profile)
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Book DescriptionThis seminal book from Architectural Design was originally published in 1993, at a time of crucial change and on the eve of the digital revolution. It brought together a series of essays that many believe created the favourable environment in which computer-based design could thrive. Considered one of the most influential architecture publications of the 1990s, this book ranks as a classic and in itself is a crucial chapter of history, though one that has been out of print since 1999. This faithful reprinting includes a substantial new introductory essay by Mario Carpo, Head of the Study Centre at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, which examines the impact of the original texts and their ongoing significance. Thereafter, the book is true to its original content showcasing projects by ground-breaking architects such as Greg Lynn, Jeffrey Kipnis, Bahram Shirdel, Frank Gehry and Philip Johnson.

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