Football and Business

Football and Business
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Все о футболе
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Much has been written on the subjects of business and management. This book strives to give the concepts involved in these areas a new perspective. The objective is not simply to make them understandable but, where the principles can be observed and critiqued during a pleasant ritual - the watching of a football game. The result is a compact treatise that focuses on the primary factors constituting the managerial equation. Management has been defined as decision making under conditions of uncertainty; increasingly, those decisions must be made in decreasing time spans. It is contended that the game of football is“compressed” business - management practiced in a shrunken time frame. And, that the seasoned manager as well as the neophyte can learn management concepts, successes and failures in application, from watching the weekly ritual from the stadium or on TV. Every game becomes a learning experience.Having read the book, football watching will never be the same...

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