Foreign Investors in the Emerging Russian Market

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Foreign Investors in the Emerging Russian Market
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Preface to the English Edition, Foreign Investors in the Emerging Russian Market


To gain success in Russia, a foreign investor has to durably and patiently master the market by himself. In majority of cases, credits and investments have to be secured by 100% provision differing in dependence on the certain credit recipient, investment project, term, guarantors or the existence of a liquid pledge actually transferred to the investor, creditor or to a third party upon the consent thereby. The selection of the financed projects and involved legal entities should be made only after their auditing according to the international standards with the thorough stratification by solvency as well as by crediting limits and terms. Detailed monitoring and other forms and methods of insuring the risks are needed. Only in this case, money will be able to work and yield profits even after the most unfavorable changes of the situation in Russia.

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