Fractals and Chaos Simplified for the Life Sciences

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Fractals and Chaos Simplified for the Life Sciences
Oxford University Press, USA
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Fractals and chaos are currently generating excitement across various scientific and medical disciplines. Biomedical investigators, graduate students, and undergraduates are becoming increasingly interested in applying fractals and chaos (nonlinear dynamics) to a variety of problems in biology and medicine. This accessible text lucidly explains these concepts and illustrates their uses with examples from biomedical research. The author presents the material in a very unique, straightforward manner which avoids technical jargon and does not assume a strong background in mathematics. The text uses a step-by-step approach by explaining one concept at a time in a set of facing pages, with text on the left page and graphics on the right page; the graphics pages can be copied directly onto transparencies for teaching. Ideal for courses in biostatistics, fractals, mathematical modeling of biological systems, and related courses in medicine, biology, and applied mathematics, Fractals and Chaos Simplified for the Life Sciences will also serve as a useful resource for scientists in biomedicine, physics, chemistry, and engineering.

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