From the South Seas: Oceanic Art from the Teel Collection

From the South Seas: Oceanic Art from the Teel Collection
Last Gasp
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From New Guinea to New Zealand, Easter Island to Hawaii, the Pacific region known as Oceania has long excited the Western imagination, but its traditional sculptures, pots and paintings have only recently been studied and appreciated as fine art. While much about these works and the cultures that produced them remains mysterious, we do know that most items were created for use in daily life rather than as products for the art market. Nonetheless, their beauty and craftsmanship elevate the best of them to objects of contemplation and wonder. This catalogue presents some 80 Oceanic works of art, each illustrated with its form and function described. Michael GunnA­s introduction places the works in context; Christraud Geary discusses provenance; and contextual photographs throughout show many of the objects in situ, aiding in a growing understanding of these intriguing but still elusive works, and adding to the scholarship on, and interest in, Oceania.

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