GPRS Networks

GPRS Networks
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GPRS is principally an overlay network for existing GSM networks which enables all the benefits of packet switched networks to be available to mobile devices. Due to the delay in 3G rollout, operators worldwide are increasingly implementing services based on GPRS, once seen by many as simply a stepping–stone between GSM and UMTS. If you are looking for an in–depth introduction to the General Packet Radio Service and need to understand the benefits of adding GPRS to conventional circuit switched mobile networks then this is the book for you. Takes the reader into the near future – in which 3G networks such as UMTS will use the GPRS core network for access to packet data networks such as the internet Tackles crucial issues such as the current transition from IP version 4 to IP version 6 – a move which will enable every electronic device to have its own IP address rather than the dynamic address allocation currently in use ...

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