Game Design: A Practical Approach (Game Development Series)

Game Design: A Practical Approach (Game Development Series)
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Game Design: A Practical Approach is written for new game designers, practicing designers, and serious gamers wanting to create their own designs. Throughout the pages of this book, you?ll find a complete and practical introduction to the craft of game design, starting at square one with an exploration of just what a game and game design are. From there you?ll explore the skills you need to have as a game designer and learn when and how to use them. Then you?ll dive into the very practical nuts and bolts of a number of vital game design topics, including how to balance gamplay? what is risk-reward? how do you scale challenge? And along the way, you?ll learn the scripting language, Lua, and work with a sample game as you test and explore the game design concepts being discussed. The book is packed with the invaluable insights and tips you need to master the art of game design, includinga variety of ?from the trenches? sidebars by some of the industry?s top game designers. So whether...

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