Game Maker 8 Game Creation: Practical Tips&Techniques Vol.1

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Game Maker 8 Game Creation: Practical Tips&Techniques Vol.1
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The Game Maker (GM) software had revolutionized the world of Windows game creation, by providing easy drag-and-drop kind of interface for producing complex game logic, all without writing codes and scripts. Game Maker 8 (GM8) is the latest generation of the GM game creation platform. The goal of this book is to provide starters with rich technical information so the best decision and judgment can be exercised when creating games through GM8. This is not a step-by-step tutorial. This is also not a guide book kind of overview material. We place our focus on the practical side of game creation - practical tips and techniques one will definitely need when starting out a game project. We also tell exactly what can and cannot be done with the GM8 engine, and the kind of performance drawback that can be foreseen when the platform is not fed with the right inputs. So, are you ready for the challenge?

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