Game Programming With Python (Game Development Series)

Game Programming With Python (Game Development Series)
John Wiley & Sons
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Общедоступная история астрономии в XIX столетии


If C and C++ are the languages of choice for game programmers, why should you consider using Python? Game Programming with Python explores this question in depth and teaches you why and how Python can reduce your development time, improve your technical designs, and make the entire development process more efficient. Game Programming with Python is about building games using Python. It deals with general concepts of game development and specifics that apply when using Python for game development. Some of the general topics include simulations, game architectures, graphics, networking, and user interfaces. The Python-specific topics covered include Python development strategies, using Python for data-driven systems, performance tuning, modules and packages, and interfaces between Python and other programming languages. Additionally, a series of increasingly complex examples are developed throughout the book using Python. Python is already being used by professional game...

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